5 Little Camper Tricks and Tips

The lack of space in our camper led to problems on camping trips.  Problems led to learning a few camper tricks to deal with it.  When the couch is made into a bed, we have 4 ft of walking space from the edge of the bed to the kitchenette.  4 ft may be generous.  It is enough space for us to both stand in the camper at the same time.  No one can do anything because you can’t open any door at that point, but you can stand there and stare at each other. 


Hanging towels on hangers saves a lot of space in our cabinet, without taking up a lot of space in the closet.  We can fit 2-3 towels per hanger, depending on how heavy they are.  Since most of our camping trips are during the warmer months, we don’t need to hang bulky clothes so that space was going unused.  The plus side is that we freed up an entire shelf on our cabinet with this system and we are able to bring more food.  Food is always a win when you are feeding two boys.

Hidden Camper TV


 2. Nesting Bowls

I know this is kind of a given, but there was a time when I only put one mixing bowl in the camper.  I just ordered this set since mine were missing a couple of lids.


3. ikea trash cans

I need another one of these to attach to the bottom part of the door.  The first season we had this it was used as a trash can.  As you can see, it now holds all of our tin foil and baggies.  I was able to clear out an entire drawer by moving those items there.  Clearing out a whole drawer is a really big deal when you only have two drawers to start with.

Ikea Trashcan


4. USB Charger Outlets

This!  This has been one of those life changing products.   We only had one outlet close to the bed, so we relied on an extension cord.  Except, when the extension cord was plugged into the kitchenette area, you could no longer open the closet or shut the cabinet door.

USB Electrical Outlet

We can now watch tv and charge our phones without cords stretching across the room.  Since the phones now have a specific outlet, they aren’t taking up any space for the appliances in the kitchen.  Win!

Hidden Camper TV

5. Storing Your Quilt

If anyone has any tips on storing blankets, this is an adult task I really don’t feel I have mastered well.  At least not in my house.  The little camper is a different story though.  Do you see the quilt in the picture below?Vintage Camper Blog

It is the ‘pillow’ to the right of the relax pillow.  If we want to use the couch during the day, I roll it up and it becomes another piece of the decor.  It keeps it out of the way and off the floor.

Leave a comment below and share a camper trick or tip that you’ve learned along the way!


  • Denise Lee

    I use pillow cases to store sleeping bags, linens, etc. Now the bed looks cute and I have an entir extra closet to put other goodies into.

    • wann2119@gmail.com

      I love the pillow case idea! I’m going to replace a couple of pillows with towels and see how it works out. Thanks for sharing!