6 Mistakes We Made When Buying a Vintage Camper

Buying a Vintage Camper

Just to clarify, buying a vintage camper was not a mistake on our part.  I’m not writing this to tell anyone they shouldn’t seek out a little vintage camper of their own.  In fact.. Continue reading “6 Mistakes We Made When Buying a Vintage Camper”

5 Little Camper Tricks and Tips

The lack of space in our camper led to problems on camping trips.  Problems led to learning a few camper tricks to deal with it.  When the couch is made into a bed, we have 4 ft of walking space from the edge of the bed to the kitchenette.  4 ft may be generous.  It is enough space for us to both stand in the camper at the same time.  No one can do anything because you can’t open any door at that point, but you can stand there and stare at each other.  Continue reading “5 Little Camper Tricks and Tips”