Vintage Camper Skin Replacement

vintage camper skin replacementWe had big plans to paint Cecilia a while back.  Those plans were pushed into the future due to rain.  They were pushed even further into the future when we decided we wanted to replace the back piece of skin.

vintage trailer insulation

We never intended on replacing any of the skin.  It is dinged on the sides and top from hail.  Someone jackknifed it a couple of times through the years.  Chris has gotten very handy at patching the worst areas.

vintage trailer aluminum skin

One day we looked at it and realized the back end was really just a patchwork quilt made from various pieces of tin.  It had been patched until all you could see were the patches.  It is weird how you can go six years without seeing something, see it, and then not be able to unsee it.  Neither of us could unsee the poor state of Cecilia’s rear.  She needed a butt lift.

shasta compact remodel

Aluminum skin is expensive.  Even if we hadn’t grown to love Cecilia’s other imperfections, I doubt it would be in our budget to replace it.  Also, Chris only knew the name of one shop that specialized in the correct aluminum skin and it required the sheet to be shipped.  More money.  We set out to find a local metal shop that might be able to do the job.

The problem with our vintage camper skin is the 6 inch breaks.  Chris had to explain all of this to me.  Every 6 inches there is a line in the camper skin.  That is called a break.  6 inch breaks aren’t common these days.

replace aluminum skin

After calling a few shops, we started to get really discouraged.  Chris finally found someone in our price range.  He asked Chris to bring in photos so he could make sure he could do it.  The answer was yes!

vintage trailer remodel

$220 later we had our new aluminum skin.  I don’t want to know if we got robbed.  Don’t leave comments telling me that you found it for $100 a sheet.  Ignorance is bliss!  What I do know is that it pays to shop around.  The shop we chose charged $100 less than some of the others and he did a great job.

vintage shasta compact

Next step: paint!