DIY Shower Leash

D.I.Y. Shower Toiletry Leash

I made this DIY shower leash back in the spring.  Today, I made one for each member of my family.  Remember in this post when I said I don’t craft because I end up spending $50 on supplies when I could just buy the item for $5? A while back, I discovered a great product for taking my body products to the shower house at the campground.

Then, I figured out how to make it for $5.  Thank you Dollar Tree!

I quickly realized this product solved all of my shower house problems.  I use the term ‘problems’ loosely here.  Things like:

  • I don’t like putting (or dropping) my toiletry bottles on the shower floor
  • I don’t want to put the wet bottles back in the bag with my dirty clothes
  • I’m disorganized.  I often end up at the shower house and realize I’m missing something.  Usually conditioner.
  • The boys no longer come out of the shower house and announce they couldn’t get a bottle open.  Not all bottles are made for small hands.

What You Need:

  • Dog leash
  • 3-5 toiletry bottles with a hang tag
  • loofah
  • Carabiners

What You Do:

Prepare the bottles

DIY Campground Shower Leash

Empty the contents (shampoo in my case) into a different bottle.  Remove the labels and wash the bottles.  I left them on the counter to dry overnight.

Refill and label the bottles.  Clip a carabiner to each one.

Campground Shower

Sew the leash

DIY Shower Caddy

I started by lining up the seams where the handle was sewn together and the clip was sewn on.  I sandwiched these together and sewed below the seams.  The handle is what you use to hang up the leash in the shower.  The clip will hold a loofah.

Vintage Camper Blog

Now you are going to sew ‘stops’ every few inches down the leash.  These keep all of the bottles from collecting at the bottom.  I did 3 stops.  Ignore the D ring at the bottom of this leash.  I put it on this one, but realized it really wasn’t needed.

Place the loofah on the clip (the part that would hook to the dog’s collar) and clip your bottles to the leash.

Shower Leash

Your DIY shower leash is done.  Stand back and admire your work.

DIY Shower Leash


Pop-Up Princess came up with her own version of this.  You can see how she made her Shower Lanyard here.


Skip the DIY and buy a pre-made version here.

I feel like this is missing something.  leave a comment below and tell me how you would modify this D.I.Y. Shower Leash.