4th of July Bunting and Garland

4th of July Bunting

I’m not a seasonal decorator.  When we first got married, I thought I would be that wife and mom with the beautiful fall display of mums and the banner across the fireplace announcing spring has arrived.  I tried.  I really did.  When I put the spring banner on the mantle, it didn’t come down until June or July.

I still hang the snowman wreath I made on our front door.  Sometimes, it is still hanging there when the kids are running through sprinklers.  Now, I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m the wife and mom who gets the Christmas tree up a week before Christmas.

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday though.  It looks like we will actually get to spend this Independence Day parked at the lake.  I haven’t celebrated the 4th lakeside since I was a little girl.  I want to decorate!  Today, I’ve been digging around on the world wide web for an appropriate way to dress Cecilia up for the occasion.  As I mentioned here, bunting and I have a long and solid relationship.  If you happen to be at Tablerock Lake over the holiday, and you see one of these 4th of July buntings waving above a little vintage camper, it might just be me!

10 4th of July Bunting and Garland Options

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red white and blue garland  

USA flag garland


USA bunting


4th of July Bunting


4th of July Garland

Leave a comment below!  Where are you spending the 4th of July this year?