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Package Options

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Package Options for Selling Your Vintage Camper

Basic: For $15 your vintage trailer ad will be placed on our web site with up to 7 photos.

Standard: For $30 you get the basic package with an additional 8 photos.  Standard ads will be posted on all of our social media accounts including Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  The Facebook post will be given a $5 boost, allowing more vintage camper enthusiasts to see your posts.

Premium: For $70 you get the Basic and Standard packages with an additional 5 photos.  The Facebook post will be given a $10 boost, allowing even more vintage camper enthusiasts to see your posts.  Your post will be re-posted on our social media accounts once a week for one month, unless your camper sells before then.  I will also share the link on 5 sites, groups, or forums that I do not operate.  These sites will vary depending on your camper, location, and current activity on the sites or groups.

 Ads will remain active for 3 months.  We serve as an advertising agency for your vintage trailer.  The number of buyers your ad reaches depends on the package you select.  We are not responsible for communications with the buyer nor do we guarantee a quick sale.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Please email me if you have additional questions.