Cecilia Update: Textured Wallpaper

We knew for a long time that we wanted some type of backsplash behind the kitchenette area of the camper.  I really wanted pressed tin tiles, but I couldn’t find anything that I loved.  When I found textured, paintable wallpaper that looked like pressed tin, I knew this was the direction I wanted to go.  I’ve been showing little sneak peeks of it over at my Instagram account, but I wanted to gather all of the photos in one place.

We are leaving the wallpaper white right now, but as I mentioned above, it is paintable.  If you are interested in purchasing it, you can buy it here.

textured wallpaper

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Where Do I Buy a Vintage Camper Awning?

I find myself Googling ‘where do I buy a camper awning’ more often than I should.  It really isn’t in the plans or budget at the moment, but I want one.  I am always a fan of using a service or product that is recommended by someone I know, so I’ve been compiling a list of awning companies recommended by people Continue reading “Where Do I Buy a Vintage Camper Awning?”

Where do I Buy 1/8″ Birch Plywood?

Many people struggle to find 1/8″ birch plywood to re-panel their walls.  I mentioned here that we purchased ours on special order through Home Depot.  I’ve rounded up some other options that people have mentioned as sources for this much sought after paneling.

Tips for Finding 1/8″ Birch Plywood

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Vintage Trailer?

cost to repair a vintage trailerHow much does it cost to repair a vintage trailer?  Every person who answers this question will have a different answer.  Chris and I failed to keep track of how much we spent over the last six years.  The answer probably falls somewhere between ‘too much’ and ‘our mental health should be questioned’.  I imagine the same can be said of a lot of hobbies though. Continue reading “How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Vintage Trailer?”

6 Mistakes We Made When Buying a Vintage Camper

Buying a Vintage Camper

Just to clarify, buying a vintage camper was not a mistake on our part.  I’m not writing this to tell anyone they shouldn’t seek out a little vintage camper of their own.  In fact.. Continue reading “6 Mistakes We Made When Buying a Vintage Camper”

How to Find Vintage Trailer Wheels

Vintage trailer wheelsFinding vintage trailer wheels can be challenging.  With a little math and a lot of research, you can find the right fit for your camper.  More than likely, the wheels on your camper were also used on vehicles during the time period your camper was built.  This means, your wheels are sitting in a salvage yard waiting for you to find them. Continue reading “How to Find Vintage Trailer Wheels”

5 Vintage Camper Exterior Paint Options

Painting a Vintage CamperI’ve spent a lot of time studying vintage camper exterior paint.  We haven’t painted the outside of Cecilia yet.  The plan was to paint in the spring, but the pollen counts said no.  We were living under a green cloud of pollen and I didn’t want that in the paint.  This week, we are taking Cecilia up to my father-in-law’s house Continue reading “5 Vintage Camper Exterior Paint Options”

Find a Vintage Camper for Sale: 6 Tips for your Search

Vintage Camper for Sale Tips


Want to find a vintage camper for sale?

I hear this question often once people find out we own a vintage camper.  Since joining vintage camper Facebook groups, I’ve seen the questions posted daily.  Most go unanswered since the majority of people engaging in these groups aren’t actively seeking a camper; they already own one.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask your question. You never know when it will pay off! Continue reading “Find a Vintage Camper for Sale: 6 Tips for your Search”