Using Decorative Storage in Your Glamper

Using decorative storage in your glamper allows you to fill the space with the things you love and still have room for the things you need.

Decorative Storage for your

Tin Canisters

Vintage Tins

I picked these old tins up at antique stores.  You can also find them on Ebay or maybe grandma has a couple she would like to donate to your glamper.  Wherever you find these, make sure the tops are flat so you can stack them.  I use these to store bags of ingredients that I bring.  I usually only need a small amount of brown sugar, sugar, or granola for desserts.  These are perfect for storing all of those things.


64 oz Mason Jar

vintage make-up travel case

I really just wanted an excuse to buy one of these jars.  It was only after the fact that I realized it made a better fruit bowl than my actual fruit bowl.  Any time I can use the height of my kitchenette instead of the actual counter top, I feel like I’m winning.  You can pick one up here.


CratesUsing Decorative Storage in Your Glamper

Step 1: Turn the crate on its side.

Step 2: Do a happy dance!  You just doubled the real estate of our counter space!  I just started using these this season.  Notice the empty space and the random bowl.  Also, note the two decorative pictures on the counter (in other photos).  I really like this one.

Using Decorative Storage in Your Glamper

My counters were so cluttered before I added the crates.  Now, I’m pulling items from other areas of the camper for these photos because I don’t have enough things to fill in the space!  You can get these pre-painted or you can finish them yourself.


vintage make-up cases

Vintage Make-up Travel Cases

I have two of these; both hand-me-downs.  The type I have aren’t really stack-able.  Still, they are deep and hold a lot of stuff.  They are also great for hiding the not so pretty things.  I’ll be honest, the red case looks like the health and beauty aisle threw up in it.  Clean up on aisle 3, please.

Off Topic: Shi*t My Dad Says was my favorite read on our fall camping trip.  There were moments when I couldn’t breathe while reading this.  Lots of laughs.


honorable Mention decorative storage goes to…

Baskets.  Do I really need to say it?  Baskets are your friend.


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Leave a comment below and let me know how you are using decorative storage in your glamper!

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