Remodeling Our Shasta Compact- Spring Update

1963 Shasta Camper Trailer What did we do every weekend in March?  On Saturday we worked on remodeling our Shasta Compact.  On Sunday we worked on remodeling our Shasta Compact.  What did we do every weekend in April?  I think you get the point Cecilia needed a bit of a face-lift!  The plan was to get a coat of paint on the exterior, but that fell through.  We really need to find an indoor space or open area to paint in.  Our neighborhood is less than ideal.  Here is a look at what we accomplished instead.

new jack

Chris was most pleased about this new addition to the trailer.  For six years we have watched more rust build up around the old jack and tolerated the squeak, squeak, squeak each time we moved the front end up or down.  It looks a little out of place, but it is much more functional.  We picked it up at Vintage Trailer Supply.

Camper TV Hidden in Cabinet

New Threshold

We had some water damage at the entrance and the old threshold had seen better days.  Chris fashioned this one from some metal, since they don’t sell the size we need.

Vintage Camper Threshold Replacement

tv bracket

So, the TV bracket isn’t winning any beauty contests, but it was a quick and cheap fix.  It is also hidden inside the cabinet so I don’t mind that it looks like a toddler constructed it.  I took the television off the stand and attached this board behind it.  Before, we had to make sure the TV was on the bed before we traveled.  It would tip over in the cabinet if we didn’t.  It isn’t going anywhere now!

Hidden TV in Vintage Camper

Finishing touches on the cabinet

We added a frame around the opening for the TV and finally figured out how to secure the legs to the bottom of the cabinet.  They aren’t functional so it really didn’t matter if they were there or not.  The top photo is a before shot.

Hidden TV in vintage camper

Faux Cabinet legs

Door Rebuild

Chris spent a day tearing the door down and rebuilding it.  The results?  It still leaks.  At this point the point of entry is still a mystery.  I’m hoping we get that part solved before the next big rain.

I hope the next update on Cecilia the Shasta will include a pretty new exterior paint color.

leave a comment below and let me know what camper projects you are currently tackling.

Cecilia the Shasta