10 Tea Towels I Want for My Vintage Camper

10 Tea TowelsIt took a while before I figured out why I was so obsessed with collecting a variety of tea towels for my vintage camper.  I didn’t need justification, but there does come a point when you begin to question whether or not it is normal to spend an hour on Pinterest just pinning cute tea towels.  Normal?  I wouldn’t know normal if it jumped up and bit me.  Justifiable as a small camper owner?  Absolutely!

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9 DIY Chandeliers for Glamping

DIY ChandelierI’ve gathered 9 DIY chandeliers to take on your next glamping trip.  A month or so ago, I developed a serious addiction.  I no longer see vintage campers on my Pinterest feed; I only see the chandeliers hanging in them.  Even better is occasional chandelier that is pictured outside the camper.  These are typically hanging from a tree in the background or under the awning.  These are the glamping chandeliers that have really stolen my heart.  I admitted on my DIY Doily Dream Catcher post that I’m not much of a DIY girl, but I’m making one of these.

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