4th of July Bunting and Garland

4th of July Bunting

I’m not a seasonal decorator.  When we first got married, I thought I would be that wife and mom with the beautiful fall display of mums and the banner across the fireplace announcing spring has arrived.  I tried.  I really did.  When I put the spring banner on the mantle, it didn’t come down until June or July. Continue reading “4th of July Bunting and Garland”

Camper Tour: 1966 Aloha Rebuild for a Fulltime Family

Aloha Rebuild
Source: Learning the Long Way

This 1966 Aloha has been through some big changes and now it is on a big adventure.  Scroll down and it won’t take long to figure out why this little camper rebuild caught my attention.  This custom built trailer has some unique features that the original model (or any other camper I’ve seen) doesn’t offer.  Making it even more unique, this 15 ft (with an interior of 12 x 7) camper is home to a family of 4 and 1 great dane as they travel the US and explore living off the grid.   Continue reading “Camper Tour: 1966 Aloha Rebuild for a Fulltime Family”

10 Tea Towels I Want for My Vintage Camper

10 Tea TowelsIt took a while before I figured out why I was so obsessed with collecting a variety of tea towels for my vintage camper.  I didn’t need justification, but there does come a point when you begin to question whether or not it is normal to spend an hour on Pinterest just pinning cute tea towels.  Normal?  I wouldn’t know normal if it jumped up and bit me.  Justifiable as a small camper owner?  Absolutely!

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How to Find Vintage Trailer Wheels

Vintage trailer wheelsFinding vintage trailer wheels can be challenging.  With a little math and a lot of research, you can find the right fit for your camper.  More than likely, the wheels on your camper were also used on vehicles during the time period your camper was built.  This means, your wheels are sitting in a salvage yard waiting for you to find them. Continue reading “How to Find Vintage Trailer Wheels”

10 Cruiser Bicycles That Will Look Great Next to Your Vintage Camper

I’ve rounded up 10 cruiser bicycles that will look great next to your vintage camper.  As I mention in this post, I have really enjoyed having a bicycle to take to the campground.  My boys have enjoyed having Mom ride along with them as well.  I went with the cruiser because of the vintage look.  It is a piece of functional decor for Cecilia and glamping.  As much as I love my bike, that doesn’t stop me from oggling other bikes.  Here are a few I adore.

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9 DIY Chandeliers for Glamping

DIY ChandelierI’ve gathered 9 DIY chandeliers to take on your next glamping trip.  A month or so ago, I developed a serious addiction.  I no longer see vintage campers on my Pinterest feed; I only see the chandeliers hanging in them.  Even better is occasional chandelier that is pictured outside the camper.  These are typically hanging from a tree in the background or under the awning.  These are the glamping chandeliers that have really stolen my heart.  I admitted on my DIY Doily Dream Catcher post that I’m not much of a DIY girl, but I’m making one of these.

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