Find a Vintage Camper for Sale: 6 Tips for your Search

Vintage Camper for Sale Tips


Want to find a vintage camper for sale?

I hear this question often once people find out we own a vintage camper.  Since joining vintage camper Facebook groups, I’ve seen the questions posted daily.  Most go unanswered since the majority of people engaging in these groups aren’t actively seeking a camper; they already own one.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask your question. You never know when it will pay off! Continue reading “Find a Vintage Camper for Sale: 6 Tips for your Search”

Waterproofing Vintage Campers

Waterproofing vintage campers is a must if you want to prevent further water damage.  I lost count of the hours I spent removing silicone caulking from the seams of our Shasta Compact.  It is easy to put on, but Continue reading “Waterproofing Vintage Campers”