Glamper Worthy Flamingos for Your Next Glamp-out

I didn’t know glampers and flamingos went together until I joined Glampers on the Loose a couple of months ago.  Each day, someone posts a different flamingo product on the group page.  I admit, flamingos aren’t my thing, at least; they weren’t.  One day, I started looking at those pink birds on their slender legs in a whole different light.  The next day, I found myself searching for flamingo products online.  I caught the fever!

One of these flamingos below will be my initiation into the Flamingo Fever Club (This isn’t a real club.  If there is a real club, please let me know). Leave a comment and let me know which product you would buy.  There are links below; in case you have the fever too!


    1. Pink Flamingo Pillow Sham

  1. “Stand Tall Darling” Wooden Sign
  2. Pink Flamingo Island Float
  3. Retro Pink Flamingo Ice Pack
  4. “Beware of Attack Flamingo” Sign
  5. Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments
  6. Pink Flamingo Can Cooler