Cecilia the 1963 Shasta Travel Trailer

1963 Shasta Compact

In 2011 I fell in love with the vintage Shasta travel trailer’s wings and z-stripe.  I knew I wanted to own a vintage camper and I knew I really wanted a Shasta.  When a 1963 Shasta Compact showed up in a parking lot in town with a ‘trailer for sale’ sign in the window, I stopped to peek in.  Before long, I was standing inside listening to the owner tell me how she “restored it”.  We later realized that she simply meant she put a coat of yellow paint on the ole gal to hide this water damage.  We had the title in our hand for at least a week before we made that discovery though.

Interior of 1963 Shasta Compact
Vintage Camper Interior

now we know:

  • We were green.
  • We paid too much for what we were getting.
  • We weren’t prepared for the hours of work ahead of us.
  • We would both have moments where we dreamed of pushing this little vintage camper off a cliff.

For the last 7 years we have slowly worked to turn this old trailer into a space we love.

The project and the trips we take in Cecilia have brought us closer together; mostly because Cecilia became the common enemy.  There is nothing like a common enemy to unite two people.  When you are shoved into a 10 x 6 foot space with someone you love, it is hard not to make a good memory or two.

Vintage Camper Interior
Vintage Camper Interior

We will share what we’ve learned; either through or mistakes or research.  We will share our resources for finding vintage trailer supplies.  Just for fun, I will throw in a few of my favorite items for transforming this space into a glamper camper.

There isn’t a handbook on this.  I’m thankful for the handful of people who took the time to share what they learned through the journey.  I hope we are somehow able to contribute to that and help someone along.


You met Cecilia.  Leave a comment and let me know the name and make of your vintage camper below!

1963 Shasta Compact
1963 Vintage Shasta Camper Exterior

  • Lauren Starski

    Hello- I saw you referred to not needing a sink but I can’t find your reasoning. I’m considering just not having hot water in mine. Do you miss the Sink? -Lauren

    • wann2119@gmail.com

      Hi Lauren! We decided we didn’t need a sink because after years of tent camping we had perfected the art of washing dishes outdoors. We use 3 plastic bins; wash, rinse, and dry. I heat up water using the hot pot. I’ve never regretted removing the sink. I love all of the counter space I gained by getting rid of it. Best of luck to you and your camper! Tina