5 Vintage Camper Exterior Paint Options

Painting a Vintage CamperI’ve spent a lot of time studying vintage camper exterior paint.  We haven’t painted the outside of Cecilia yet.  The plan was to paint in the spring, but the pollen counts said no.  We were living under a green cloud of pollen and I didn’t want that in the paint.  This week, we are taking Cecilia up to my father-in-law’s house because his yard is a much better space for painting.  Cecilia can’t go in our yard or driveway so when we bring her home she has to sit in the road in front of the house.

I’m not going to say the painting method we have finally decided on out of fear that we will change our minds yet again.  There really are a lot of pros and cons to all of the different methods.  I will say, there are the 5 options for vintage camper exterior paint that I always come back to.

5 Options for Vintage Camper Exterior Paint

Roll on Latex Paint

House of Noise
Photo from House of Noise

House of Noise makes the top of my list because the supplies are easy to find and she also mentions that the paint job has held up for a few years.  That is important, because most people seem to write about the paint job on their vintage camper soon after it is complete and we don’t hear about it again.  I want a durable coat of paint that is going to withstand the weather and drive down the road.  House of Noise seems to have found that.


Spray on Automotive Paint

Vintage Revivals
Photo Courtesy of Vintage Revivals

Mandi at Vintage Revivals went with the option that seems to be the most recommended by professionals.  In fact, she went to a friend who worked with automotive paint to get the help she needed.  If this is something that is an option for you, go this route without thinking twice.  You will get the most out of this type of paint job.


Roll on & Brush on Sher-Cryl

Photo Courtesy of Whippycake

While Whippycake hasn’t had this paint on her camper long enough to atest to the durability, I am a fan of the paint she used.  When looking over our options for painting Cecilia, we always come back to this Sher-Cryl  HPA SEMI-Gloss paint.

Rustoleum Rattle Can

If you are looking for the most affordable option then the Rustoleum rattle can paint job is for you.  The biggest downside to this method would be the limited paint color options.  The upsides are that it dries fast, it doesn’t require special equipment, and it is easy to achieve a great look.

Tractor Paint

Photo Courtesy of AxleAddict

AxleAddict went the route of using tractor paint.  While their web site doesn’t offer a tutorial, I do like that they say the paint job was still holding up a year down the road.  Again, you are going to be limited on colors if you use tractor paint, but it is guaranteed to withstand weathering.

Check back in because next week I will be painting my vintage camper as long as the weather cooperates.  Wish us luck!

Cecilia the Shasta

For those of you who have painted the exterior of your vintage camper, leave a tip below.  What method did you use?  Has it held up well?