10 Tea Towels I Want for My Vintage Camper

10 Tea TowelsIt took a while before I figured out why I was so obsessed with collecting a variety of tea towels for my vintage camper.  I didn’t need justification, but there does come a point when you begin to question whether or not it is normal to spend an hour on Pinterest just pinning cute tea towels.  Normal?  I wouldn’t know normal if it jumped up and bit me.  Justifiable as a small camper owner?  Absolutely!

How I Justify my Mild Obsession with Adorable Tea Towels:

  1. Cecilia is a tiny, solid white box so she needs a little make-up to give her life.  I paid too much for the quilt to change it out.  I mean, maybe if I use that quilt for another 10 years then I can say I got “my money’s worth out of it” and I can justify changing it.  For now, I’m stuck with it.  Good thing I love it.  All that to say, I have to change the smaller things and I’ve found that colorful tea towels can have a big impact on the space.
  2. They are versatile.

My cabinet ‘doors’ are tea towels (very wrinkled tea towels.  Yikes).

DIY Tea Towel Curtains

The rose patterned part of the curtain…tea towel

Vintage Camper Blog

These are obviously tea towels.

vintage camper decor

3. They make me smile.  I suppose this is the same for all the pieces I’ve collected in my vintage trailer.  The only things that go through Cecilia’s tiny camper door are things that bring me joy.  In a world filled with so much ugliness and pain, I’m a fan of embracing the things that bring you joy.

Here are the tea towels I’m currently crushing on:

1. Maison d’ Hermine Rose Garden


Around 5 years ago, I became enamored with floral prints.  Is this a sign that I’m getting older or have floral prints just upped there game in the past few years?  Either way, this floral print tea towel is speaking to me.

2. Camper Sweet Camper

vintage camper tea towel

This tea towel is from the MakeSomethingHappy and it would go perfect with my ‘curtains’.

3. Bird with a French Fry Tea Towel

When I’m in my camper, I usually a happier than a bird with a french fry. This is just fitting.

4. USA Tea Towel

map tea towel

I love the idea of having a map of some kind in my camper.  Did you see Lacey’s map table?  I don’t have the set up for a kitchenette, but I know I can find space for this in Cecilia the Shasta.

5. Cuinare Yellow Striped Tea Towel

These yellow and white striped tea towels are simple, but so bright and cheery.

6. Bikes Tea Towel

bicycle tea towel

You already know I love bringing my cruiser bicycle along on camping trips.  My love of bikes makes this Allison Hullyer tea towel a perfect addition to Cecilia.  

 7. Mason Jar

Mason jars have been featured twice on this blog.  I don’t need a tea towel to declare my love for mason jars, but this one sure is cute.

8. Vintage Campers Tea Towel

vintage campers tea towel

Oh Little Rabbit’s tea towel features a variety of hand drawn vintage campers.  I really love that this is a shout out to several styles and doesn’t just focus on one camper.

9. Berry Patch

Cecilia and strawberries have gone together from the beginning.  This strawberry tea towel would blend right in with the other small, strawberry items I keep tucked away inside my vintage camper.

10. Ruffled Tea Towels

Ruffled Tea Towels

Snag these Ruffled Tea Towels from Simply French Market and no one will ever wonder if you are camping or glamping.  These will add all the glamour you need to your little camper and fit in with so many of the styles of decor I see in these vintage campers.

If you didn’t get enough, there are a couple of other tea towels and more vintage campers to put in your vintage camper on this post.

How have you used tea towels in your vintage camper or home?  Leave a comment below!

Cecilia the Shasta