Review: Kreg Jig Jr.

The Kreg Jig Jr. is the shining star in our vintage camper renovation.  It is, by far, the most used tool in our collection.

Kreg Jig Jr

We used it to re-frame our walls…

reframing vintage camper walls

Rebuild the bed…

Reframing Shasta Compact Bed

And building this storage unit.

Hidden Camper TV Vintage Camper Cabinet

The Kreg Jig Jr. is just an easy and fun tool to use.  This was our first time working with pocket holes and this tool made us feel like experts.  We have been suggesting this to people for the last six years, and fighting over who gets to use it when we are doing a project together.  Here are the reasons we love the Kreg Jig Jr.

Pros for the Kreg Jig Jr.

  • Easy to use.
  • Cost effective.  We got our money’s worth out of this tool.
  • Durablability.  As I mentioned, it has been well used during the last six years and it is still in great shape.
  • The instructions are user friendly and the company web site has additional helpful videos.  Also, our kids are able to use it as well and produce the same results as us.
  • Portable
  • Professional results.  In the end, you are left with a sturdy product that you can feel proud of.


We had a couple of mistakes along the way due to not setting the depth measurement correctly on the jig.  We learned to check twice before we started to drill.  It hasn’t been a problem since.  I think it was less about the tool and more about us being in a rush!

Would I buy the kreg jig jr. Again?

Yes!  I feel like the Kreg Jig Jr. was a smart purchase and it makes easy work of framing different items in our camper.  I’m glad to have it in my tool box.Once you and your handy Kreg Jig Jr have finished framing those new camper walls, head over to this article to read Chris’ tips for re-paneling your vintage camper.


Leave a comment and let us know what project you plan on tackling with your kreg jig jr.

Cecilia the Shasta

  • I meant to ask for one of these fur Mothers Day! I guess I’ll just have to buy one for myself! ?


      You will love it!