Jalousie Windows and Parts for Vintage Campers

Jalousie WindowWe were fortunate that our vintage camper came with all of the windows intact.  I have talked to a lot of people who struggle to find replacements, so I’m creating a resource for those people.  These are all of the tips I could gather on the internet to help you find replacement jalousie windows or parts for your jalousie windows.

Parts for Jalousie Windows

Replacement Jalousie Windows

  • Vintage Campers has salvaged windows.  Check out there stock to see if they currently offer what you need.
  • Ebay often has these windows listed for auction.
  • CHCamper offers new, custom built jalousie windows up to 32″
  • Home Depot

Facebook Groups Where You Might Find Parts and Windows

jalousie windowsOther Tips

  • Use the tips in this article to make your computer do the searching for you.  Just change the search term to ‘jalousie windows’.
  • If You Still Can’t Find What You Need
    Place a ‘Wanted’ ad on Tin Can Tourists