9 DIY Chandeliers for Glamping

DIY ChandelierI’ve gathered 9 DIY chandeliers to take on your next glamping trip.  A month or so ago, I developed a serious addiction.  I no longer see vintage campers on my Pinterest feed; I only see the chandeliers hanging in them.  Even better is occasional chandelier that is pictured outside the camper.  These are typically hanging from a tree in the background or under the awning.  These are the glamping chandeliers that have really stolen my heart.  I admitted on my DIY Doily Dream Catcher post that I’m not much of a DIY girl, but I’m making one of these.

Here are 9 chandeliers you can make for your glamper.

Capture The Light With A DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Calling all DIYers - with just a few household materials, you can have your very own chic outdoor mason jar chandelier. Here's how!

How to Make an Outdoor Candle Chandelier | InMyOwnStyle

Step-by-step photo tutorial. Love the look of those outdoor candle chandeliers you see in Home Decorating catalogs? It is easy to make one at a fraction of the cost | InMyOwnStyle

Solar Light Chandelier

This upcycled project would look beautiful hanging in a tree above your glamper.


I would need a much smaller, battery operated version of this doily lamp for Cecilia


Simple and sweet!

Chicken Wire Chandelier

Trade those tea lights out for the battery operated version and you have a winner.

Mason Jar Chandelier

An outdoor feature since this one is a little too large for most of the vintage campers I've seen.

DIY Lace Chandelier

So easy and such great results.

DIY Solar Light Chandelier

Another cute outdoor option for the campground

Which of these DIY chandeliers is your favorite?  Leave a comment below and let me know!