1962 Aristocrat Tour: The Lemon Drop

Camper Name: The Lemon Drop
Make & Model: 1962 Aristocrat LoLiner
The Lemon Drop’s Person: Erika

1962 Aristocrat LoLiner

See that little camper up above?  I saw it in a Facebook group one day and my heart melted.  I took one look at all of the sweetness and I just became a puddle on the floor.  I’m not a person who uses the word sweet or sweetie or sweetness.  These words just aren’t a part of my vocabulary.  Except, every time I look at these photos I find myself thinking, isn’t it just the sweetest little camper?  Take a look for yourself and read what Erika had to say about her 1962 Aristocrat LoLiner.

Stick around until the end for a video walk-through!

1963 Aristocrat

How did you meet your camper?

I’d mentioned to a friend that I was looking at a similar camper that would need a lot of renovation. I told her that I wanted to ultimately paint mine white and yellow and name it “The Lemon Drop”. Just a few days later, she saw a camper that was already renovated and fit my description!

Vintage Camper Interior

A friend of hers had commented on a thread advertising the camper for sale in a local “yard sale” Facebook group.  She happened to see in her newsfeed that her friend had commented on the thread! She sent me the thread and I contacted the amazing seller, Tabitha Daniels Pyrtle.

Aristocrat Interior

I’d worked out a sale with Tabitha by the next morning. I wanted to pick up my new love immediately, but we arranged to make the trade-off during the weekend when Tabitha’s daughter would be happily occupied at her grandparents’ house and wouldn’t be sad about losing such a beautiful “playhouse”!

Tour vintage trailer

Did you do a lot of work to the Lemon Drop?

I’ve done virtually nothing to the Lemon Drop. She was lovingly renovated by the seller, who clearly has amazing taste and fun ideas!

Vintage Camper Interior

What are some of your favorite details about your camper?

I love the pink pop-out table on the outside, the turquoise appliances, and the sweet little dinette set.

vintage camper blog

1962 Aristocrat LoLiner

How many strings of bunting are in this tiny camper?  I lost count!

Four. They all came with it. Two stay inside all the time along the front and back windows. When it’s parked and fully accessorized, there’s two more for the outside of those windows.

Aristocrat LoLiner

Where do you take the Lemon Drop?

I use the Lemon Drop mostly for going to music festivals. I love introducing my vintage camper to music fans who are even younger than me! The camper is 55-years-old, I’m 41, and she is loved by everyone from toddlers to centenarians. I currently write music articles in exchange for concert press passes. My ultimate dream would be to interview artists in the camper for a video series.

Vintage Camper Exterior

Do you haul and park the Lemon Drop on your own?

I do! I need help reversing to the hitch since I don’t have a rear view camera, but I can do everything else solo. And I do.

Vintage Aristocrat

Have you learned any tips along the way that have made hauling it or parking it easier?

For me, I’ve had to learn to turn my music down in my car. I usually keep it loud but I want to be sure to hear any odd noises that occur.

Also, ALWAYS check all your lights every time you head out. I realized my lights failed midtrip! They were fine at the outset. That’s certainly an issue you want to be aware of. Don’t assume they’re working now because they were working before.

Take time to practice reversing and parking when you have space and time. I’m still doing that.

Where can we find you online?

Music articles


Thank you!

Thank you for sharing the Lemon Drop with us, Erika.  Your camper really is the sweetest.  Now that the rest of you have seen it, leave a comment below and give me another adjective besides ‘sweet’ to describe this 1962 Aristocrat.  I will just be over here scrolling through the photos and melting all over again.

Video tour of the Lemon Drop

I rounded up some products similar to what Erika has inside her camper.  I have my eye on that bunting! Want more campers?  Head over here to see Lacey’s camper.

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